Grab your lounge chair

Poolside’s new mixtape “night people.”

Los Angeles based musician/producer/dj friends creating music in their pool house turned recording studio that captures the sound of a perfect afternoon



Surf Ambassador Hendo

SAH’s new mixtape moves up and down the rhinoceros horn like nothing you’ve ever heard.

“A mix that plays like a hurricane and reads like an epic novel.”


great new jam morphed from a great classic jam. clap for keljet.

boy from the sun

Boy from the Sun by Niva.
Can’t get enough of this champagne tomahawk.

Hypnolove – Holiday Reverie


No way to better describe this song/feeling: Hypnolove – Holiday Reverie. has a a streaming player as well as a purchase link for your convenience.

“A funky tropo twist on a fall spritzer.” Tropicool

“On a Sunday night, in a beach town not so far away from you, I cracked open a Pacifico and began to ponder what I would do as the elusive evening drew closer and city lights began to flicker on. I decided to soul-search and ate a few silver-striped mushrooms out of an old embroidered Chinese box I had hidden beneath the dock. As I walked along the beach, the sand softly tickled my toes and the waves crashed in a perfect symphony. Just then, Poseidon’s froth had washed something hard up onto my foot. It was a glistening whiskey bottle; Jameson’s own to be exact. I opened it up, expecting a rich carmel liquid to engulf my soul and warm it from the inside out. However, out fell a flash drive where the words “Gooch-Tape #1″ were engraved. It was a sign; a sign that good things were coming. A sign that the warmth and sun-kissed poolside jams of summer would flow into the colorful world autumn had to offer. Warm your soul and paint your walls gold!” -Tropicool


Cherokee Nation

Cherokee, a recently formed duo out of France, melts on every track. Here is a sublime example.