Stuck in that Sunny DAZE

Wonderful October weather over the weekend made for some wonderful drinks at dusk. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

A Hot & Humid Tropical Brainstorm

Looking for some sun-kissed disco to cap off your summer fun? Look no further.

GDD and The Ampal Creative present Waves ≠ Raves Vol. 14.                                                              All the tracks zipped right HERE.


This guy is the man and lives in Happy Hour, he gets it.

Bixel Boys

Bixel Boys dishing dirt all the way through. Sit down and have one more…

Classic Classixx

Hope everyone spent their weekend teetering on a barstool. One more monday..

poolside lizardin

Poolside’s day mixtape. It’s happy hour, you’re poolside. Perfect moment in time….

Outlaw Nation

just listen and be happy.

Workin Stiff


Ya I don’t expect you to be back up and reading soon. That my friend, was a supersonic karate chop straight to the jug.  Like always, here’s your daily dose of beat cruising, wave slapping, bar sitting vibes.